Solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels work by converting natural daylight into electricity which can then be used to power your home. Electrical currents are generated by daylight which then travel to an inverter where they are converted from DC to AC electricity which is used to power all homes in Ireland. At Ryan Energy we install solar PV panels for customers based throughout the west of Ireland, helping them to make big savings on their energy bills.

Ryan Energy Ltd is a registered Installer under the Better Energy Homes Scheme. Registered Number 15131. Ryan Energy also assist in full Grant applications for our solar panel customers. We can complete the BER Building Energy Rating as part of completing the DOW form for the SEAI for all measures covered by the grant process.

WSolar PV panels are a great way to make large savings on your energy bill. Contact us for a free quote.

Benefits of Solar PV

  • Huge savings – By installing a solar PV system, you can save from €200 up to €800 per year on your home electricity bill, dramatically reducing your home running costs.

  • Guaranteed output – Solar PV panels produce guaranteed output from the moment they are installed.

  • Free electricity– Solar PV panels generate electricity, meaning once they are installed you can power your home for free.

  • Wise investment – Installing a solar PV system is a wise investment that can save you money for years to come. A typical 4kWp system will save you around €850 per year from your electricity bills.

  • Improved Building Energy Rating (BER) – By installing a Solar PV system you are improving the BER rating of your property.

  • Hot Water – any excess power generated can be used to heat hot water as opposed to letting it go back onto the national grid.