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Wind energy provides a clean, sustainable solution to our energy problems. It can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in generating electricity, without the emission of greenhouse gases. And there will always be wind; it is inexhaustible and renewable. It is envisaged that wind power will make the most significant contribution to the achievement of national and international targets for green electricity, due to its environmental benefits and increasing competitiveness.

Irelands unique geographic location and provide a wind energy solution that fits the bill for domestic and commercial premises alike. Wind energy systems not only help customers reduce their electricity purchases from utilities, they also help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and they are non-polluting.

30 Years research and development on wind turbines

Designed to minimise noise and maintenance with a direct drive generator i.e. no operating gearbox

Our 800 installations worldwide

Patented Proven flexible blade design enables the turbine to generate power in light and strong wings

No high wind cut out speed. (Most turbines need to stop producing when the wind get very strong)

Robust, Low maintenance electricity generation

Generator Load monitoring thus blades are keep rotating at the lowest speed while optimising power output

Non stayed masts provide easy maintenance and superior support

Ryan Energy installs air tightness solutions in the following counties: Galway, Mayo, Clare, Roscommon, Longford, West Meath, Offaly, Tipperary, Laois and Limerick. Contact us for more information.


Siga Air Tightness Membranes are a market leader for air tightness products based in Switzerland. They employ 160 people and have expanded their operations all over Europe. The provide an extensive and full product range to cover all air tightness and wind tightness for your home.

More than one third of the warm air escapes through leaking areas in the building envelope. Consequently an air and windtight layer is the most reliable protection against energy and heating cost loss! Regular, controlled ventilation or a ventilation system provide for healthy indoor air.

It prevents draught and increases the living comfort

It locks out odours, noise and summer heat

It increases the air tightness of building thus reducing your heating bills

Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV works more effectively in an air tight house

For more information on Air Tightness Membranes visit

The insulation is protected from damage by mould , which would lead to expensive renovation work and health hazards

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